Edgar leaves the train and goes to work with his suitcase. He works as a folio artist in a recording studio:

Storyboard page 2

Edgar at work with his son in the recording studio. His suitcase is filled with objects to produce sounds for movies:

Storyboard page 1

After work, Edgar leaves the studio and gets back to his room in the Kommunalne Kvartiry:

Storyboard page 4

Storyboard page 3Edgar worries about an upcoming departure. The family pictures in Edgar’s room come to life to tell stories of the past:

Storyboard page 5

Edgar falls asleep and wanders through the rooms of the Kommunalne Kvartiry and through past times:

Storyboard page 6

As Edgar’s room is being emptied, and everyone is getting ready to leave, he takes his suitcase and gets on a train:

Storyboard page 7

Strange voyagers; they seem to emerge from the movies Edgar made sounds for as well as from Edgar’s family stories and Russia’s past as a whole:

Storyboard page 8

As Edgar takes impossible objects out of his suitcase, the voyagers start to react on them:

Storyboard page 9

The objects out of Edgar’s suitcase pile up in the compartment and provoke the voyagers into telling their personal views on history:

Storyboard page 13

The stories of the voyagers become gradually incoherent. Are they dead or alive? Pieces of movies or hidden realities? They all suffer in their own way:

Storyboard page 11

The voyagers seem to have died long ago but not accepting death as a final stage:

Storyboard page 10

As usual, Edgar gets out of the train with his suitcase and returns home. But everything has changed:

Storyboard page 12

The rooms of the other tenants are now inhabited by impossible creatures; all blind, deaf or mute. Edgar takes place in his old room and remains there.

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